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How to transfer Skrill to Paypal?

How to Exchange Skrill to Paypal Instantly?


Today we will discuss about the easiest, fastest and secure way to transfer funds from Skrill or Neteller account to a PayPal account.

So you have money on Skrill or Neteller, but you want to have it on your PayPal account. How are you going to do this?

1. Directive it is not possible

Unfortunately sad, but true, neither Skrill or PayPal allows direct transfers through their own system from one to another, as both are different payment system from different country. So we need to check for other yet trustworthy available options, to transfer money between these two services.

2. Beware of scams

When you Google “Skrill to PayPal” you will find many websites, advertising a service to transfer money. However, in some cases it requires you to connect with strangers who offer PayPal funds in return of Skrill funds. And there is no way you can know this person can be trusted. So you would be wise to use these types of services with extreme caution or not to use.

3. The actual safest method

Now, will talk about how you can transfer your Skrill funds to a PayPal account in a secure way. In short, you are going to use your Skrillmoney to buy a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin. Don’t panic just yet, its really easy and we will explain it step by step.


Best Skrill Exchanger


ExchangePurse: So we are going to use the exchangepurse.com to exchange funds since they're the best Skrill Exchanger, also ExchangePurse is one of the most easy to use websites to buy, sell or exchange your e-currency. It is also one of the most trustworthy services available right now. Don’t just take our words for them, see yourself by using them.


Step 1. Register a free account on ExchangePurse.com
Just click this link and register your account. You will receive an email to the address you use to activate your account. Once that's done, proceed with step 2.


Step 2: Verify your account
So in order for you to use all payment options on ExchangePurse.com, you will need to verify your account. In short, this means that you will have to proof that you are who you say you are. This is normal in the world of cryptocurrencies, digital e-wallets and trading in general. It is just a safety measure against money laundering or other criminal activity. However, you need to verify your account only in case your amount exceeds $4000 per transaction.


So there are two procedures through which you can easily exchange with ExchangePurse.


Auto Exchange Portal: This is where you don't need any human interference and you can easily exchange by your own and the greatest part is this is an automatic exchange portal means you don't need to pay any user account you have to pay Skrill or Neteller itself by using your account and then it'll automatically transfer to your PayPal account instantly i.e. within few seconds you can get your funds into your PayPal account without any help, but it's not finished yet this Auto Exchange Portal is only available in a few countries as per FEMA Regulation Authorities also in few countries cryptocurrencies are banned. You can check either your country is supported or not from here.

Don't get disappointed in case automatic exchange portal is not available in your country. ExchangePurse has another solution for you to transfer your funds from Skrill account to a PayPal account.

Manual Exchange: With this process, you need to contact to the Exchange Purse Live Exchanger Showing in the screenshot, when you select this option you will directly get connected with Live Exchanger

Skrill to Paypal instant exchange



When you select this option this procedure you need to follow is: 

  • Firstly a person must need to contact our Live Chat Agent or Exchanger to place an order.
  • Decide and let us know what exactly exchange you are looking for and how much funds you would like to exchange at the moment.
  • Then our Agent / Exchanger will ask you for few details depends on the exchange.
  • Then will ask you for receiver's account details. By which we can send funds to his / her account.
  • After all the information our Agent / Exchanger will provide you the payment details where you need to make a payment. (In case of PayPal our agent will request you the payment itself)
  • Once the payment is done. You need to provide the transaction id of a particular payment system, So that we can cross verify the payment once.
  • Afterwards, our Agent / exchange will provide you your SIX DIGIT order number of Exchange Purse through which you can track your order anytime.
  • At last our Agent / Exchanger will forward your order to our Order Processing Team, so that they will forward your payment within given time frame.


Few important things to remember:

  • Exchange Purse will never ask you for your Passwords / PIN / Any other account information by which someone can into be your account.
  • Exchange Purse agents are also a human being so please be nice to them.
  • In case of Debit / Credit Card exchange our agent will provide you the secure payment gateway platform. We will never ask for such information.
  • Once we deliver your funds to the destination, Our team will email you.
  • From PayPal to any other wallet exchanges are instant (Takes few seconds).
  • Rather then PayPal our fee will be flat 1.5% of the whole amount. Never pay extra to anyone.
  • We do not accept Donations, Pay Cheque's or any other physical form of money.

We hope this information is helpful for you.


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