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“In our unstable time it is extremely difficult to give any financial guarantees. The situation in global markets sometimes changes headlong and very often currency rates, cost of raw materials and metals depend solely on fundamental factors and are not subject to technical analysis and forecasting.

Many first-rate payment systems tried to guarantee their stability but unfortunately failed to fulfill their obligations given to the users and contractors. Myopic investment policy and court claims of tax agencies have frequently adversely affected the work of Electronic Payment Systems.

We could not stand aside with a thought that nevertheless a reliable and secure payment system should exist. We have created Exchange Purse to work with finance;, moreover satisfied clients, respect of the competitors, thousands of daily registrations and astronomical volumes of currencies trusted to us by the users are the best guarantee that tomorrow’s financial day will begin with Exchange Purse and that Exchange Purse has a future…or it is better to say that the

Future has Exchange Purse”

A group of Exchange Purse lawyers analyzed the experience of other payment systems and developed a unique system with the security and guarantee of customer's funds safety. Considering a wise risk distribution policy the analysts of Exchange Purse tried to evaluate all the potential dangerous moments and threats to the system security. Exchange Purse doesn’t practice investment activity and has refused the system tools that gain revenues by investing the users’ funds. Owing to this fact Exchange Purse is protected from the majority of risks that may affect other standard banks and payment systems.

The reliability and stability of Exchange Purse is based on collaboration with dozens of exchangers in Internet that run their business for a long time and have shown themselves as approved, secure and stable partners in the field of electronic currency exchange.

Exchange Partners cooperate with Exchange Purse by exchanging within the frame of partner interrelations. They are system guarantors providing the exchange of any amount of exchange within 24 hours.

Another guarantee of the security of our customers' funds is multi-plan and multi-currency accounts that, in general, provide Exchange Purse system with the top level flexibility and resistance to macro-economical fluctuations and changes of currency rates and metals.

The security of our customers' funds can be guaranteed by multistage intellectual safety system based on up-to-date scientific researches in the fields of data security. For more information on Exchange Purse please read in the section features.

Exchange Purse understands that the level of financial security of our users impacts the reputation of the entire company. And since the reputation and the name always come first for any company, we consider the financial guarantees provided to our users as the highest priority task so we try to strictly follow all business principles and traditions while working with finances.



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